Managed Services

shutterstock_135170048Increasing IT operating costs and a desire to focus on the core business functions are key drivers for outsourcing operations. Organizations are seeking quicker turnaround in application development projects, as well as stronger productivity from development teams.

Destiny Corporation’s application development, maintenance, and management services give a balanced and pragmatic method of outsourcing our clients’ most significant applications and systems. By crafting flexible, secure, and practical outsourcing agreements with clients, we have become a trusted advisor at all levels of our clients’ organizations. Our engagements have improved system capabilities, and increased uptime SLAs (Service Level Agreements), while reducing operational expense.

Destiny is sensitive to budget constraints and infrastructure limitations. We focus on providing the perfect tools and resources to support our clients’ preferences in the most efficient and flexible way. Destiny works closely with the business and IT teams to review the present strategy and quickly determine how preferences are met with a specific service offering.

Sample Case Studies by Industry:

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