GamingCompany Background
A Large Gaming Organization is one of the premier hotel, gaming, shopping and entertainment destinations in the Northeast. As one of the largest resort casino in North America, this organization offers a vast array of gaming in six casinos, AAA Four-Diamond hotels, and restaurants from gourmet to express, world-renowned spas, awarding-winning golf, state-of-the-art theaters, and exclusive retailers.shutterstock_124492123

This gaming organization captures information on a large population of patrons and their gaming habits. Through their player card system, they store demographic, trip, gambling, event, and other information. They understand that a player will naturally increase their rank over time, for example progressing from a six to a four over a period of 36 months. Their goal was to be able to identify ways to move a patron up the ranking system faster.

Destiny was able to identify various statistical methodologies to which would move them up the ranks using theoretical win combined with behavior analysis mixed with targeting marketing campaigns using analytics software on an MPP platform.

They now have more targeted campaigns and can track patrons with great success as spend has increased in various patron segments.